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Included, Optional Coverage

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  • $50, $100, $250
  • Higher deductibles available upon request.

Items Available for Coverage

  • Provides coverage for non-motorized bicycles.
  • Attach PAF 86 for complete coverage.

  • Insurable property includes cameras, projection machines, and other related equipment; portable sound equipment used for recording, projection, reproduction, and operation of motion pictures; home video cameras, playback recorders and other related equipment. Miscellaneous property such as films, binoculars, telescopes, and microscopes used in connection with cameras or photographic equipment may also be included.
  • Excluded property includes: Television cameras and equipment. Coin or token-operated devices. Cameras or other camera property for account of dealers or manufacturers. Aerial cameras or radar cameras.

Coin Collections
  • Insurable property includes rare and current coins, medals, paper money, bank notes, tokens of money, and other numismatic property, including coin albums, containers, frames, cards, and display cabinets for use with such collections.
  • Attach PAF 16 for complete coverage.

Fine Arts 
  • Insurable property includes paintings, etchings, pictures, tapestries, art glass windows, and other bona fide works of art (such as valuable rugs, statuary, marbles, bronzes, antique furniture, rare books, antique silver, manuscripts, porcelains, rare glass, and bric-a-brac) of rarity, historical value, or artistic merit.
  • Attach PAF 29 for complete coverage.

Golfer’s Equipment
  • Insurable property includes golf clubs, golf clothing, and golf equipment. Scheduling of property is not required.

Musical instruments
  • Insurable property includes musical instruments, sheet music and equipment pertaining to musical instruments when written in connection with musical instruments.

Personal Computers
  • Insurable property includes personal computers, word processors and data and media used with such equipment. Property may be used for business purposes other than renting or leasing to others.
  • Minimum $50 deductible required.
  • Attach PAF 5 for complete coverage.

Personal Effects 
  • Insurable property includes personal effects of the kind usually carried by tourists and travelers, but does not include the following: automobiles, motors, motorcycles, bicycles, boats, or other conveyances or their appurtenances, accounts, bills, currency, deeds, evidence of debt, letters of credit, passports documents, money, notes, securities, transportation or other tickets, household furniture, animals, automobile equipment, salesmen’s samples, physician’s and surgeon’s instruments, contact lenses, artificial teeth or limbs, merchandise for sale or exhibition, theatrical property of any kind, nor any property specifically otherwise insured.
  • Available endorsements: PAF 85, 23, 20, 21, 24, 25.

Personal Furs
  • Insurable property includes furs, garments trimmed with fur or consisting principally of fur used as wearing apparel.

Personal Jewelry 
  • Jewelry includes watches, flasks, pens, pencils, smoking equipment, cigarette cases, trophies, and other similar property but not silverware platedware or pewterware.
  • You can attach PAF 11 and 46.

  • Insurable property includes silverware, silverplatedware, goldware, gold-platedware, and pewterware. Property consisting of pens, pencils, flasks, smoking implements, or accessories or articles of personal adornment are not insurable as “silverware”.

Stamp Collections
  • Insurable property includes postage stamps, including due, envelope, official, revenue, match and medicine stamps, covers, locals, reprints, essays and proofs. In addition, other philatelic property such as books, pages, and mountings are also covered.
  • Attach PAF 16 for complete coverage.

Sports Equipment
  • Eligible property includes archery equipment, guns and shooting equipment, fishing equipment, skiers’ equipment, camping equipment, and skin diving equipment. The policy may be extended to include toboggans, sleds, skates, tennis, squash and badminton rackets. Clothing is not covered unless specifically scheduled. Cameras, bicycles, and boats and motors are not eligible.
  • Attach PAF 2 for completed coverage.

Wedding Presents
  • Insurable property includes wedding presents of nearly every description, but does not include realty, animals, automobiles, motorcycles, aircraft, bicycles, boats or other conveyances or their appurtenances, money, notes, securities, stamps, accounts, bills, deeds, evidences of debt, letters of credit, passports, documents, transportation or other tickets.
  • PAF 17 and 18 can be attached for complete coverage.

Miscellaneous Classes of Property 

  • Including ceramic ware or porcelain dinnerware and crystal comprised of clear, colorless glass of superior quality.

Portable Electronic Equipment
  • Including cassette players (and cassettes), phonographs and stereo equipment (including records, tapes, cassettes), radios (including CB radios installed in an automobile), tape recorders, and portable televisions.

Hobby Collections
  • Including items of memorabilia or nostalgia (i.e., collections of old toys, books, trading cards, campaign buttons, dolls, figurines, or similar types of collector items).

Limited Editions
  • Including commemorative medals, ingots, prints, figurines, plates, paperweights or similar type of property manufactured in a limited edition. For classes above, charge the premium shown in the Rate Section of this manual.

Miscellaneous Property 
  • Including, but not limited to, binoculars, flags, microscopes, telescopes, and wine collections.
  • Attach PAF 9 for complete coverage.

Other Highlights
  • Online Services available. Phone app included.

Optional Coverage

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Jewelry in Vaults (PAF 11)

View Endorsement

  • For reduced premium, the policy can be endorsed to only cover jewelry while it is in a vault.
Valuation Clause (PAF 14)

View Endorsement

  • ACV for Fine Arts at reduced premium.
Stamp and Coin Collections Safe Credit (PAF 16)

View Endorsement

  • For reduced premium, insured agrees to keep Stamp and Coin Collections in a safe.
Personal Effects Domicile Risk (PAF 20)

View Endorsement

  • For an additional premium, we will cover Personal Effects while on the premises of your domicile.
  • We shall not pay a greater proportion of any loss on Personal Effects than the amount of insurance bears to the actual cash value of all insured property at the time of loss.
  • Values for jewelry, watches, articles consisting in whole or in part of silver, gold or platinum, and furs or articles trimmed with or consisting principally of furs shall not be included in the calculation.
Unattended Automobile Clause (PAF 21)

 View Endorsement

  • Personal effects can now be covered while in a unattended vehicle. Adds additional premium.
Student Property Clause (PAF 22)

View Endorsement

  • Personal effects can now be covered while in the possession of a student.
Additional Named Persons

View Endorsement

  • Adds additional named insureds to the policy for increased premium.
Contents of Auto Trailers Homes (PAF 24)

View Endorsement

  • Personal effects will be covered in a trailers home with this endorsement.
Exclusion of theft coverage (PAF 25)

View Endorsement

  • For reduced premium, this excludes theft of a personal effects item from coverage.
Bulky Schedule endorsement (PAF 26)

View Endorsement

  • Used to cover a large amount of items.
Safeguard endorsement (PAF 28)

View Endorsement

  • Insured agrees to safe guard their scheduled items or they will forfeit coverage.
Estate Endorsement (PAF 30)

View Endorsement

  • Property will be covered if it is vested in a descendants estate.
Breakage Coverage (PAF 18)

View Endorsement

  • Change to coverage breakage of wedding presents.

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