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Travelers Boat Contract

Boat and Auxiliary Equipment

  • Covers physical damage for your boat, outboard motors, portable fuel tanks, electric starting equipment including batteries, controls supplied by the manufacturer.
  • Physical damage covered while the boat is out of water included.
  • Travelers will pay for the expense to recover the boat after a loss.
  • Covered at agreed value.

Personal Property 

  • Pays out for personal property on the boat at a ACV basis.

Commercial Towing and Assistance

  • Reimburses for the expenses of towing a boat. Cost of reasonable expenses to deliver gas, oil, parts or a loaned battery (excluding the cost of the items themselves) or emergency labor while away from a safe harbor or while on land.


  • Covers bodily injury and property damage the insured is legally liable for.
  • Covers accidental fuel spill liability.

Medical Payments

  • Covers the medical expense the insured is legally liable to pay.

Uninsured Boater

  • Covers the bodily injury and property damage your family is entitled from an uninsured boater.

Non-Owned Boat

  • Extends coverage to boats you are operating but do not own.

Newly Acquired Boat

  • Coverage will extend to a boat you recently purchased.

Other Highlights

  • Online Services available. Phone app included.

Optional Coverage

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Boat Trailer
  • Provides coverage for the boat trailer.
  • Subject to a deductible.

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  • Changes the loss settlement from agreed value to ACV for a reduced premium.
Additional Insured

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  • Adds an additional insured to the policy.
Antique & Classic Boats

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  • Used to cover antique & classic boats.
Electronic Navigational Equipment

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  • Provides coverage for a loss to navigational equipment.
Mechanical Breakdown

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  • Provides coverage for mechanical breakdown.
Named Operator Restriction

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  • Changes the policy to named operator for reduced premium and permissions.
Navigational Warranty

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  • Extends coverage for navigational situations that are not normally covered.

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