SnapShot by Progressive

Usage based insurance is becoming wide spread amongst insurance companies today. Most insurance companies decide your rate based on general statistics in your area. Progressive gives you the option to get a personalized rate based on your driving with SnapShot.

The Device

Most usage based insurance programs require a device. Progressive has two options, the original device and SnapShot mobile.

SnapShot Mobile

With the mobile app, you can use your smart phone to get driving data collected. The mobile option even lets you pause the data without penalty. The discount provided is the same whether you use the device or mobile. You will be able to check your progress in real time on the app.

Original SnapShot

The device will be sent to you once the Progressive auto policy goes in force. You will then need to plug this device into your car computer (OBD) to allow Progressive to start collecting data. Click below for a helpful guide on where to plug in the device for your type of car.

Find where the device goes on your car

You will drive around with this device for the life of your policy term and then return it to Progressive in packaging provided. You will have the ability to track your progress on the Progressive mobile app or online.

If you are having trouble installing the device, please bring it by our agency and we will install it for you!

The Discount

When you first sign up for Snapshot program, you will receive a 10% discount. When the policy renews, you will receive a personalized discount up to 25%. This will replace the original 10% discount. More than 50% of drivers get a double digit discount!

Progressive will not add a surcharge if your driving does not qualify for a discount.

You can increase your driving score by:

  • Driving fewer miles.
  • Brake with care
  • Don’t frequently drive between midnight and 4 a.m.

Data Collected

State Auto does not give your driving information out to anyone. It is used only to calculate your driving score. The data collected includes:

  • Daily Driving: Speed, distance driven, time of day, idle time, vehicle identification number, odometer reading.
  • Driving Events: Hard braking, hard acceleration, cornering.
  • GPS Data: This is only used to track the distance you are driving each day and how often the vehicle is stored at home.

Other Information

Most drivers are uncomfortable with their vehicle location being tracked. If you have ever used Google Maps or Waze, you have already given your vehicle position away to a third party. As always, the ability to back out of the program once you sign up is available, however you will lose your discount. The device must stay in or downloaded for at least 45 days or you will lose your discount. Progressive guarantees that the data will only be used to score your driving.

If you fail to return the device to Progressive, a $50 fee will be charged. You can always return the device to our office and we can take care of sending it to State Auto. However, if the device is lost you will still be liable.

Start saving with SnapShot today!


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