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Auto Manual


Auto Contract Medical Payment Amendment Provisions Supplementary Payments Cancellation Provision Protection Plus Endorsement

Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability

  • Available single limits for BI: 100,200,300,500.
  • Available split limits for BI: 30/60, 50/100, 250/500, 500/500.
  • Available limits for PD: 25,50,100,250,500.
  • Bail Bonds: $250
  • Loss of earnings due to settlement: $200 a day.

Additional Coverage

  • If the insured has a State Auto home policy, one deductible applies to the incident if both the home and auto are affected. Highest deductible applies.
  • Access to State Auto Connect.
  • Accident Forgiveness: Must be with State Auto for 5 years with no accidents in the past 35 Months when the discount is applied.
  • Violation Forgiveness: Must be with State Auto for 3 years with no violations in the past 35 months when the discount is applied.
  • AUTOXtended Plus Coverage: (Only available with protection plus package)
    • Bail Bonds: $350
    • Coverage for first aid at the time of accident.
    • $50 for reasonable expenses for attorney’s fees.
    • Waiver of Collision deductible: The other driver is a State Auto customer or the other drive is at fault for the incident. Deductible waived for a total loss.
    • Waiver of Comprehensive deductible: Waived after a total loss or if the other driver is not insured.
    • Waiver of uninsured motorist’s property damage deductible.
    • Customizing Equipment: $1,500
    • Personal Effects: $250 that covers damage from fire or lighting.
    • Pet Coverage: $500 that covers the expense for your pet if they are injured during an accident. No deductible.
    • Cellular Phone – actual cash value loss settlement up to $500. Also covers other electronics for theft and damage. No deductible.
    • Global Positioning Systems – actual cash value loss settlement up to $500. No deductible.
    • Rented Vehicle Coverage: Covers damage to a rented vehicle up to the policy limits.
    • Increased Transportation Expenses Coverage: $10 per day/$300 Maximum. Added on top of the limits in the policy if this coverage is included.
    • Locksmith Services: $250
    • Emergency Travel Expense: $600 to cover lodging, meals, and transportation back to your home.
    • Emergency Ambulance Expense: $10,000 to cover ambulance ride from scene of accident.
    • Total Disability wage loss – $200 per week/ maximum 50 weeks for disability after an accident.
    • Death Indemnity: $20,000 per insured/ $40,000 per accident.

Optional Coverage

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Medical Payments
  • Covers insured’s medical expenses.
  • Available limits: $1,000/$5,000/$10,000/$25,000/$50,000/$100,000.
  • Not available if PIP is selected.
Personal Injury Protection
  • Covers medical expenses, funeral expenses, and loss of wages after an incident.
  • Available Limits: $2,500/$5,000/$10,000/$25,000/$50,000.
  • Not available if Medical Payments is selected.
Uninsured motorist bodily injury and property damage.
  • Covers the insured for property damage an bodily injury if they are not at-fault and the other party does not have insurance. Also, if the other party is uninsured or after a hit and run.
  • Available limits for BI: Single Limits: 60,85,100,200,300,500. Split Limits: 30/60, 50/100, 100/300, 250/500, 500/500.
  • Available limits for PD: 25,50,85,100,200,250,300,500.
Comprehensive Coverage
  • Transportation expenses of 20/600 included.
  • Covered against: Missiles or falling objects; Fire; Theft or larceny; Explosion or earthquake; Windstorm; Hail, water or flood; Malicious mischief or vandalism; Riot or civil commotion; Contact with bird or animal; Breakage of glass.
  • Available limits:  $100/$250/$500/$1,000/$2,500/$5,000.
Collision Coverage
  • Available limits: $250/500/$1,000/$2,500/$5,000.
Auto Loan/ Lease Coverage ·       Pays for the difference from what is owed on the loan and the settlement from State Auto after a total loss.
Auto Replacement Cost – Total Loss Plus (Plus and Premier only) ·       Does not apply when the vehicle is older than 2 years.
Roadside Assistance Coverage ·       Can be 15 miles or 100 miles. Can pay for extraction if stuck, delivery of supplies, battery jump start, changing tires, lockout services up to $100. 8 maximum claims per year.
Custom Equipment Coverage ·       $1,500 included already with AUTOXtended endorsement.

·       Available limits: $1000/$2000/$3000/$4000/$5000.

Extended Non-Owned Coverage ·       Extends the coverage from the policy to vehicles the insured does not own.
Full Safety Glass Coverage (Plus and Premier only) ·       Waives the comprehensive deductible if the glass on the vehicle needs to be completely replaced.
Named Non-Owned Coverage: ·       Extends the coverage from the policy to vehicles the insured does not owned. Must be a named driver.
Transportation Expenses Coverage ·       Available limits: 30/900, 50/1500, 75/2250, 100/3000.

·       Not available with named non-owner policy.

Original Equipment Manufacturer parts coverage (Plus and Premier only) ·       Provides repair or replacement of property with the same kind and quality.
Named Driver Exclusion ·       Drivers can be excluded from coverage on the policy.
Auto Death Indemnity and Total Disability Coverage ·       Available Auto Death Limits: $5,000/$10,000. Weekly limit of liability for total disability is $60 with a $200 week maximum.


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Accident Prevention Course Discount
  • Must be at least 21 years old and proof must be provided (Certificate). Does not apply if it is a court ordered.
Anti-Theft Device
  • Available per vehicle.
Driver Training
  • Under the age of 21 and proof is required.
Good Student
  • Must be between the age of 16 and 24. ‘B’ average or higher required. Must provide proof.
  • Must have two or more vehicles on the policy.
Paid in Full Discount
  • Available if you pay your policy in full.
State Auto Start Up Factor
  • Available if the policy is quoted early and they have been with current carrier for a while.
State Auto Safety 360
  • Usage based insurance program with State Auto. Connect the car computer.

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