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Auto can only be written with homeowner’s policy 

Auto Highlights Page


  • $10,000 for medical payments to others.
  • All vehicles are covered at agreed value.
  • Window glass coverage: Replaces broken glass, no deductible.
  • Air bags: Replaces air bags in vehicle without deductible.
  • Lock Replacement: Pays for new key and locks if the key is lost or stolen. No deductible.
  • Child Safety restraint system replacement: Replaces restraint system. No deductible.
  • Pet injury: If your pet is injured, they will pay up to $2,000. No deductible.
  • Road Service and Towing: Reimburses for all services used on the road including towing. There is no deductible for this.
  • Rental reimbursement: Will pay for rental car expenses.
  • Trailers: Provides coverage for a trailer up to $3,000. A $250 deductible applies for this.
  • Vehicles purchased abroad and newly acquired vehicles: Provides market value coverage for vehicles purchased abroad and newly acquired vehicles. Coverage is automatic for 30 days then it must be added to the policy.
  • Electronic Equipment: Provides coverage for electronic equipment in the car related to the vehicle.
  • Lease/loan gap coverage: Pays the additional amount due on a lease or loan after a total loss.
  • One deductible for any loss involving two or more covered vehicles.


  • Account Credit
  • Premium lower for vehicles paid in full

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